Villa Banana Gardens Kissonerga Paphos Cyprus

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R9FW+X3 Kissonerga Cyprus, Kissonerga, Paphos 8574, Cyprus
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Villa Banana Gardens R9FW+X3 Kissonerga Cyprus, Kissonerga, Paphos, 8574, Cyprus 96445389
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This recently constructed detached villa is situated in a quiet rural location just 300m from the beach, enjoying lovely views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding subtropical banana plantations. The villa is in a prime location between Paphos and Coral Bay offering total privacy yet within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants, a bus-stop, a bank and the sandy beach. Paphos centre which has a large selection of shops, restaurants & nightlife is just a few minutes' drive away.

The villa is 3.5km from the sandy beach of Coral Bay and the nearby banks, restaurants & shops. The comfortable sitting and dining areas are open plan to a well equipped kitchen having a range of modern appliances. The villa benefits from air conditioning in all the main living areas. All the bedrooms have en-suite facilities with balconies on the first floor. This is an ideal location for a peaceful and relaxing holiday under the Cyprus sun and in combination with Cypriot hospitality.

4 Bedroom villa

Area activities

Closest landmarks

  • Saint Neophytos Monastery - 5.2 km
  • Tombs of the Kings - 5.6 km
  • Chani tou Ibrahim - 5.6 km
  • Markideio Theatre - 5.8 km
  • Attikon Theatre - 5.9 km
  • Kennedy Square - 6 km
  • 28 Octovriou Square - 6.1 km
  • Mitropolis of Paphos - 6.2 km
  • Municipality of Paphos - 6.2 km
  • Adonis Baths Waterfalls - 6.3 km

Restaurants and markets

  • Restaurant Restaurant - 0.5 km

Natural beauty

  • Sea/ocean Sea/ocean - 0.6 km

Closest airports

  • Paphos International Airport 14.5 km

Most popular landmarks

  • Kings Avenue Mall - 6.9 km
  • Medieval Castle of Paphos - 8 km
  • Paphos Zoo - 9.1 km
  • Minthis Hill Golf Club - 9.4 km
  • Paphos Waterpark - 10.1 km
  • Elea Golf Estate - 11

Check in times

Check In: 15:00

Check Out: 11:00

Pricing Terms

  • Use of all facilities, except as specified in the optional extras.
  • One cot and one high chair (if requested)
  • Cleaning and linen & towel changing before and after your stay.
  • A light clean and linen & towel change once a week if you are staying for more than a week.
  • A free welcome pack with some first few hours essentials will be waiting for you at the villa.

A/C  is optional &  charged extra €5 / unit / day.

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Cancellation of booking: 

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  • If you have a complaint 
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Building works
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Your holiday villa 
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Property descriptions 
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The owners reserve the right to visit their property at any time to undertake essential repairs, maintenance, pool cleaning and gardening.


The use of all facilities in your villa is at your own risk, no compensation can be claimed.

Bedrooms4 Ensuite Shower Room, Air Conditioning (Cold/Heat)

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August 2020
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Tariff name Resource/property type Min people Max people Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
2019 - 2020 4 Bedroom villa 1 8 Saturday, 01 August 2020 Monday, 31 August 2020 €300.00  Per night 7 365
2019 - 2020 4 Bedroom villa 1 8 Tuesday, 01 September 2020 Wednesday, 30 September 2020 €205.00  Per night 7 365
2019 - 2020 4 Bedroom villa 1 8 Thursday, 01 October 2020 Saturday, 31 October 2020 €170.00  Per night 7 365
2019 - 2020 4 Bedroom villa 1 8 Sunday, 01 November 2020 Thursday, 17 December 2020 €102.00  Per night 7 365
2019 - 2020 4 Bedroom villa 1 8 Friday, 18 December 2020 Thursday, 31 December 2020 €128.00  Per night 7 365

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